Room Air Conditioners


Helpful Service Hints About Your Room Air Conditioner

Problem Things to Check Notes
Air conditioner not cooling properly Have you checked to make sure the air filter is clean and free of dust?  
  Have you made sure all doors, windows, and registers are closed?  
  Have you made sure there is nothing in front of the unit blocking airflow? Drapes, blinds, furniture...
  Have you made sure the unit has the correct cooling capacity for your room? Contact dealer to reconfirm correct cooling capacity
  Was the unit recently turned on? Allow time for "stored" heat from walls, floor furnature...
  Is there ice forming on the cooling coils behind the decorative front? Turn the unit off and allow the unit to defrost.  Once defrosted turn the thermostat to a warmer position.
Unit will not turn on Have you made sure the power cord is completely plugged in?  
  Have you checked the circuit breaker?  
  The thermostat may be set too low or too high to cool or heat.  

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