Ranges, Cooktops, and Wall Ovens


Helpful Service Hints About Your Range

Problem Things to Check Notes
Part or all of range does not operate Is the range plug disconnected from the electrical outlet? Note: Range cords are not supplied with the range when purchased
  Are your house fuses blown or your curcuit breakers tripped?  
  Is the range plug loose or improperly plugged in?  
  Has power supply to your house been interrupted?  
Surface units fail to turn on or heat food properly Have you check the house fuse or curcuit breaker?  
  Is the range plug disconnected from the electrical outlet?  
  Where the correct utensils used?  
  Did you check the element is plugged in properly? There could also be bent terminals on the surface element.
  Is the correct control turned on?  
Food not baking satisfactory Have you checked that the oven racks are properly in place and in correct position for what you are baking?  
  Is the range level? Kitchen cabinets may make the range appear unlevel, use a level when aligning.
  Are you using the proper pan?  
  Have you used foil incorrectly?  
  Did you preheat, if recommended?  
  Have you checked that the element or burner is cycling on? The element could be bad.
Oven does not operate Have you checked to make sure the clock is correctly set? See Owner's Guide for installation.
  Is the range disconnected from the electrical power?  
Oven light does not work Is your bulb loose or burned out?  
Oven door won't unlock after the clean cycle Has the lock light gone out?  
  Have you waited one hour after clean cycle is completed? The oven must get below 400 degrees before it will unlock.
  Can the lock lever be easily moved to the left? If not, wait a few more minutes and try again.
  After all this has been followed, put the oven back in self clean, then cancel the cycle and wait for the oven to get before 400 degrees for the door to unlock.  
Baked goods burn on bottom Have you checked for proper airflow? i.e. aluminum foil covering rack, cookie sheet is too large...
  Dark utensils absorb heat Use light utensils

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