Helpful Service Hints About Your Refrigerator

Problem Things to Check Notes
Will not operate or not cooling Does the light in the refrigerator work? If not, is the electrical plug firmly in the outlet? Have you check the house fuse or the circuit breaker?
  Has the temperature control been turning off?  
  Has the condenser been cleaned? See Owner's Guide for cleaning instructions
  Are the doors closing and sealing properly?  
Temperature too warm or too cold Have you adjusted the temperature control? To a low setting (if too cold), or to a higher setting (if too warm).  After adjusting controls, wait 24 hours for temperatures to balance.  (See Owner's Guide for setting of controls.)
Noise, Vibrating, Bubbling, Sizzling Do you have any cans, jars, or similar items in or on top of the refrigerator that could be causing the noise?  
  Is the refrigerator level?  
  Bubbling sounds are normal shortly after the refrigerator starts or stops.  
  Sizzling sounds are normal during the defrost cycle where the water is dripping on the defrost heater.  
Sweating on the cabinet surfaces Top mount refrigerators have an energy saver switch located at the top of the fresh food compartment. Switch in the "Reduces Exterior Moisture" position will minimize and collection of moisture.
Icemaker not making ice Have you checked that the sensor arm is in the correct position? If the sensor arm is in the "UP" position, the icemaker is shut off.  Some new units may also have an on-off switch.
  Have you made sure the water valve is fully open?  
  Is the freezer compartment cold enough? If the freezer control is set too warm, the icemaker may not produce ice.  On a new installation, it may take up to 24 hours to start making ice.
Ice cubes evaporate Ice cubes that have been in the ice storage bin for a long time may shrink due to the cold air moving over them when not used regularly.  

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