Helpful Service Hints About Your Automatic Washer

Problem Things to Check Notes
Will not operate Have you checked that the electrical plug is properly in the outlet?  
  Have you checked the house fuse or circuit breaker?  
  Is the timer knob pulled out and the timer set to start? If your washer has buttons, be sure the buttons are fully depressed.
  The motor may be overheated Wait for 30 minutes and try again, if the problem continues then call for service.
  Is the door or lid fully closed?  
Noisy Have you checked to see if there is no foreign object in the basket?  
  Does the noise occur for all types wash loads? If the noise started with your most recent load, have you tried distributing the clothes more evenly in the tub? (Vibrating noise can be caused by uneven distribution of heavy items.)
Water temperature is incorrect Is the temperature switch set correctly?  
  Are the hoses connected to the correct faucets? Hot to hot and cold to cold.
  Is the water heater set correctly?  
Water is leaking Are the hoses connected tight to the faucet?  
  Is the end of the drain hose correctly in and secured to a drain facility?  
Will not drain water Have you checked to make sure that the drain hose is not kinked or knotted?  
Will not fill with water Have you checked that the water faucets are turned on?  
  Have you checked that the hose filter screens are clean and not plugged?  
Oversudsing Do you have soft water? Less detergent is needed if the water is soft
  Is your detergent compatible with your washer? HE (high efficiency) detergents are required for many newer washer.
  Are you using the correct amount of detergent? Read the package for correct amounts of detergent

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